Growing up on Long Island Sound, Susan has always been a shell and sea glass collector and making shell boxes seemed to be a natural progression. These shell boxes are reminiscent of the shell craft and Sailor’s Valentines of the Victorian era. The boxes are lined with felt and covered with decorative paper before the shells are glued on. The shells are self collected and purchased.

The interplay of color, shape and texture are all important in the design and a variety of shell are used.

She has exhibited boxes, mirrors and birdhouses at the Sanibel Shell Show, the oldest of its kind in the country, for the past three years. Over those years , the work has won a first, three seconds and one third prize. For the past four years, she has donated a shell birdhouse to the Project Return, a local home for girls, charity auction and one was published in their 10th anniversary book.

Education includes undergraduate and graduate degrees in Sculpture (specifically jewelry and metalsmithing), graphic design and interior design.

Please contact Susan Lloyd by email for information on boxes and pricing.